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Saturday, January 5, 2013

People Never Mature

You know how people always say that no one ever truly matures and that everyone has a little bit of a kid insides of them? Well... They were right! 
So in Utah, we have been getting some cold weather; the lowest temperatures have been around -11 degrees. So, it has been cold inside the house as well and no one can go anywhere without a jacket or a blanket wrapped around them. I went walking in the kitchen today and heard some noises coming from the washer and dryer. I was thinking to myself, "What is going on over there?" 
So I walk over to the dryer and see a body, with a black jacket on, half way inside, head first. My first thought, "Oh my gosh! There's a burglar trying to steal my laundry!" But before I could open up a can of butt whopping KA- BAM on this sorry freak... My older sister takes her head out of the dryer and smiles. "It's warm in here," She says.

      My sister is lucky that I waited a minute and saw it was her, other wise I would have gotten the pepper spray out! 
And this is the girl who is going to be serving a mission soon! Ha, can't wait to turn her over to her poor, unsuspecting companions! They might not be as nice to her if they think she is a burglar!
We used to climb inside the dryer all the time when we were kids... Guess she never quite grew out of the habit. 
Anyway, thought this would be fun to blog about! have a great day!