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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Face So Unseen: Author Unknown

One being, one role,
One purpose, one soul.
We see a boy, but this boy is unseen,
His hair unkempt, and his face unclean.
He goes places that to some seems haunting,
And he lives in ways that to some seems daunting.
We pass him by every day and every night,
But hardly a day has passed that we haven't seen him fight his fights.
Most favor their clothes and their fancy cars,
He is just glad he doesn't live behind bars. 
Some worry about their looks and the events in their lives,
He worries about food and men with big knifes.
Some see him on the streets and say to their peers,
"Don't look at him, he's nothing; don't waste your tears."
One being, one role,
One purpose, one soul.
These words mean so much, and to much they mean,
But do they imply to a face so unseen?
Is he a being?
Does he have a role?
Does he have a purpose?
Does he even have a soul?
Some wonder these questions, as if they need to think,
And the answers they revived make me want to sink.  
But I do not wonder and I don't think of him so low
In truth I don't think him to be my foe.

If you wish to see him as I, you must be keen, 
For non have been as compassionate as me, 
for this face so unseen...

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