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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kids: The Funny Things They Can do

Aren't kids just the best? Of course, I don't have kids, but I have lived with five younger siblings, so I think I might know a thing or two. I know that kids can be the best at sometimes, while other times you don't know why they even exists. I have just been inspired to write about some funny things that I have seen kids do, after just being by some funny kids. 
Now as I just mentioned, I have five younger siblings. I have seen a lot of funny things done by these kids and there friends over the year that I have lived. Kids like and hate some many different things, but not all kids hate or like the things you think they would... 
I just went over to babysit for someone the other day and I came home with a couple funny stories. You see, these kids had to eat dinner before they could do anything that night; they were having spaghetti and meatballs. While I was salivating or the deliciously flesh food, these kids were complaining about their mother's dinner choice and demanded... wait for it... BROCCOLI??? 
I could not believe it, these kids wanted their veggies for dinner rather than the deluxe meal they had before them. I had to bargain with them, like most babysitters do, but not like most babysitters have to. I promised them that for every five noddles and meatball they ate, I have then give them one piece of broccoli. How ironic does this sound? 
Now, I have little sisters, one is nine and the other is almost seven; yeah, the awkward ages. The reason I call those the awkward ages is because this is the time that most little girls start to think that they are "big girls". I can't count how many times I have walked into a room and my little sisters start talking about fashion and celebrities. Of course, their conversations are not quite grown up or mature. Their idea of fashion is taking anything that has flowers or Selena Gomez on it. They talk of celebrities consists mostly of the new songs sung by Justin Bieber. I sometimes try to educate them on the celebrities and fashion that is actually in at the moment, but they always look at me, roll their eyes, and say "whatever". It always gets complicated when your little sisters can't decide if you are cool or just old. They sometimes want to hang out with me just because it is cool to be hanging out with sixteen and seventeen year olds, but I mostly just get "whatever" from them. 
The best thing about kids is having stories about them doing embarrassing things that they can never live down. I have so many stories about my younger and older siblings that I will always old against them. But what sucks is when they have stuff on you; like how you fell don in front of the whole congregation in church... but we wont get into that. :D 
My favorite story about one of my little siblings is when little brother got brought home by the police.... Now I know what your thinking, but it wasn't like that. My family was working outside in the yard when my little brother, three years old at the time, decided that it would be fun to go get some candy at the gas station across the street. But what did not register in his mind was that the gas station was down the street... behind a cement wall that separated our neighborhood from the road that went onto the freeway. So my brother takes his little bike and starts riding down to the gas station when my family wasn't looking. Luckily for him, a police stopped to the side of the road when he saw him trying to cross to the other side of the road. Yeah, there was a lot of explaining to do that day.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Keep watching for my weekly blog post, or more then weekly. 

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